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Welcome to Pre Hospital Care & Disaster Medicine
a Special Interest Group in College of Emergency Physicians,
Academy of Medicine, Malaysia

Pre Hospital Care Services (PHCS) is the provision of medical care and intervention to patients or victims at scene, during transfer or between hospitals by trained and credentialed providers under the supervision of a Medical Advisor. It covers wide range of medical illness from minor illness and injury to life threatening conditions. We are also involved in disaster management training and response. PHCS is a specialized service under the Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services (EMTS).

Who Are We?

We are a team of members with special interest in pre hospital care services and disaster medicine.

We provide this platform for sharing of ideas or experiences by all involved in the field of pre hospital care and disaster medicine.

We also conduct multiple training courses and national examination for advance care responder in pre hospital care services (government or private).

We are promote participation in research and publication related to pre hospital care and disaster medicine.

Our Vision

To be the unified voice for all pre hospital care professionals working towards common goal of establishing an effective pre hospital care system that is simple, adaptive, and prioritize evidence-based practice.


Our Mission

  • To provide a platform for academic discussions for all categories of responders in the prehospital care service. 

  • To encourage and facilitate sharing of  new innovations and research on training, response and provision of care.

  • To encourage and facilitate quality improvement projects among pre hospital responders.

Our history

Pre hospital care service (PHCS) is an essential component in the healthcare system.  In Malaysia, PHCS is a specialized service under the Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services (EMTS) and is currently under development by the Special Interest Group (SIG) of Pre hospital Care, Malaysian College of Emergency Physician.  This service links all the technical, operational and clinical practice into one common clinical entity to serve the community with updated evidence-based practices.   


The group started off small and basic but the major paradigm shift occurred in 2009 when this pioneer group took the initiative to improve and standardized the PHCS by focusing on training more skillful responders focusing not only on the skills acquisition but also the application into the primary responses.  This has piqued interests in some of the Klang Valley responders and through spread of encouraging words by mouth and the power of social media, there was the major breakthrough in 2010. 


With the growing demand in invitation for collaboration to run PHC courses all over the country, the group began to embark on a variety of PHC-related course with good responses and sustainability.  Examples include but not limited to PHC Course Level 1 (Basic), PHC Course Level 2, PHC ALS and PHC OHCA.  Apart from collaborations to run all these regular courses, we also cooperate and work together with multiple groups in organizing competitions and simulations to share the enthusiasm towards promoting PHCS. 


With the training framework established, we further ventured into a new mission in 2016:  to set a national standard for Advanced Care Responders (ACR) in PHC by developing the National Examinations for ACR in Prehospital Care Services (PHCS).  This has generated interest and received good responses from both the public and private PHC responders.


For the both the quality assurance and academic initiatives, we have collaborated in developing resuscitation guidelines and protocols for PHCS.  On top of that, we also participates in multiple international collaborations for example the Pan Asian Resuscitation Outcome Study (PAROS) and the Pan Asian Prehospital Education and Registry (PAPER) project. 


We also took a step ahead by organizing EMS Asia in 2012, the Asian EMS Council’s first ever Asian Conference on EMS.  And in 2018, we have successfully launched the Global Resuscitation Alliance: Malaysia Chapter (My GRA) with participations from a number international speakers coming together to share their experiences and successful strategies.


We hope to share our experience and enthusiasm to all who are interested in moving towards the betterment of PHCS.  We also welcome new ideas and collaborations to work together towards improving and strengthening the PHCS in Malaysia.

Our Values



We are motivated towards advancement of pre hospital care and disaster medicine in Malaysia.



We value knowledge sharing from various categories of responders directly and indirectly involved in PHCS.



We advocate for evidence-based medicine and practices adaptive to the local culture and environment.



We aspire to always evolve into a better service. 



We constantly aspire to be efficient by incorporating knowledge, technologies and skills. 



We continuously strive to improve the quality of our service.

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Our forum discusses the hottest issues in Pre Hospital Care and disaster medicine that will effect and change the way you provide your care to patients towards positive outcome.

Join pre hospital care and disaster medicine enthusiast by sharing ideas and experiences.

Our discussion will focus on evidence-based medicine pertaining to pre hospital care services and disaster medicine.

Our forum experts are professionals from all those involved in providing services in the pre hospital care and disaster medicine, directly or indirectly.

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